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Development goals
        With the implementation of the Peninsula Project and the integration of the development plan of Dongtou into the overall development strategy of Wenzhou City, Dongtou has ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity. As a national high-tech enterprise, Wenzhou Jinyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has also embarked on a fast lane of rapid development. The company will embrace the fierce competition of complete marketization with a posture of innovative transformation and steady development. With its advantages in location, management, talent, innovation, and other aspects, it will carry forward the spirit of forge ahead, strive to maintain stable expansion in industry competition, and achieve good and fast development of the enterprise.
       Overlooking the land, tall buildings stood on the beach in the past; Looking around the sea, Wenzhou Jinyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. depicts a brilliant world. According to the grand blueprint drawn by Jinyuan people, Jinyuan Company relocated to Nantang Industrial Park in Dongtou District in January 2007.

       The company's vision is to become the most comprehensive production base for high-performance organic pigments in China.

Win through high quality
Quality management requirements of the company:
1) Quality meets customer requirements and expectations
2) The quality level of the product is determined by the customer's consumption requirements and quality technical assurance level
3) On the basis of continuously improving technical level, continuously improving product quality in an economic manner to meet customer needs
Quality objectives:
The one-time acceptance rate of finished products is ≥ 96%, and customer satisfaction is>90%
Environmental objectives:
Environmental pollutants discharge up to standard; Reasonable utilization and legal disposal of waste; Energy conservation, emission reduction, and consumption reduction; Eliminate environmental pollution incidents.
Jinyuan Quality Policy:
Gain market trust with first-class quality;
Winning customer satisfaction with high-quality service;
Seeking enterprise development through continuous improvement;
Establishing a corporate brand through excellent management;
The company has introduced ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, further improving the quality and environmental management system, optimizing production and workflow processes, comprehensively improving the level of refined product quality management, and achieving full process quality monitoring of products. The company has continuously invested more than 50 million yuan in technological transformation, comprehensively enhancing its core competitiveness, significantly improving product quality and market share, and achieving significant results in technological transformation. It has been awarded the title of "Excellent Enterprise in Zhejiang Province's' Tenth Five Year Plan 'Technological Transformation".

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